Counseling in English in Dresden


There are always times when you might be in situations which overstrain yourself, even if you have coped well with your life so far. If the psychological strain becomes too strong, it can be helpful to seek professional support.

In a pleasant atmosphere you can confide in your counselor with all your distress and struggles. Together we develop new ways of dealing with problems and difficulties.

You will be well-advised into taking counseling-sessions if you experience:

  • Continuous conflicts
  • Difficulties in making decisions
  • To be burnt-out
  • Grief, experiences of loss
  • Difficulties in adapting to new situations in life
  • Crises
  • or would like to change or further develop

During my studies I`d lived in the USA. There I became familiar with the English language and experienced how it feels to live abroad. Within the past I`ve been approached several times for crisis counseling by people from other countries. I enjoy working with people from other countries.

A counseling-session lasts 60 minutes and costs 70 €.

Please call me or mail me to set up an appointment:
Freiberger Straße 2
01067 Dresden
Phone 0351/ 821 08 06